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Welcome to our site! We present the most popular series of "Fire Boy and Water Girl" games! More then 20 flash-games were selected to entertain you and to give you the power of great elements – Water and Fire.

On our site you can find a classical release of this game: first series of “Fireboy and Watergirl in the Forest Temple”, “Fireboy and Watergirl in the Ice Temple”, “Fireboy and Watergirl in the Light Temple”; and newest games: ”The Knights”, “Japan” and some games-clones. We did our best to make your entertainment joyful, therefore all games are sorted – for a single player and for two players.

All the parts

In 4, 5 parts we play in the Forest Temple and in the Ice Temple, but heroes are different this time. In next parts change both - locations and heroes. Here appear Sonics, Cat and Kitty, Knights, Rabbits and so on.

Fire and Water in Temples

The most popular series of this game have decorations of so-called Temples. Play games Fire and Water 1,2,3 for free using the links below:

Fire and Water for two players

Try all 18 on-line games for two players; you can play all day long absolutely free and with no need to register! Of course you can play them anole, but probably this would be not so interesting. You will feel a power of great elements; learn how to manipulate them, and how to gather magic crystals. Get to a world of incredible adventures, danger, get into fighting monsters and enjoy what you are doing.

All the games are interesting, joyful – just quests and actions, with no horrors and violence. Game series Fireboy and Watergirl are good for both boys and girls. If you have any difficulties with finishing a game or a level, write comments and you will get a needed help from us or from our visitors.

Nowadays game series Fireboy and Watergirl are very popular among youth as they are helpful for brain building and of course are a good way of entertainment. Call for your friends, have a seat and game on!

All your need is a keyboard, a good friend and a mood for playing. You will have to decide which character you want to be – Water or Fire. If you already know what you want – don’t lose your time and start playing!

Popular Games

Amazon Adventure
Newest version
Light Temple
One player


Light Temple

Light Temple

Played : 54 time

Ice Temple

Ice Temple

Played : 55 times

Forest Temple

Forest Temple

Played : 29 times

Twincat Warrior

Twincat Warrior

Played : 146 times

Twincat Warrior 2

Twincat Warrior 2

Played : 81 times

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Amazon AdventureAmazon Adventure

A new adventure game Fireboy and Watergirl for three players and for good friends who want to play together.

Newest versionNewest version

New adventure of old boy friends-fire and girl-water now with a new boy-earth!

Crystal TempleCrystal Temple

This time you have to go to the dark and gloomy caves of the Crystal Temple. Fireboy and Watergirl have to overcome the obstacles and to collect all crystals.

Forest TempleForest Temple

Play the most popular edition of the game Fireboy and Watergirl for free! Advance all levels playing with your friend!

Light TempleLight Temple

We are in the Light Temple this time. Help two little friends to collect all the crystals and to get to the entrance without any problems!

Ice TempleIce Temple

Fireboy and Watergirl appeared in the Ice Temple. They have to get the power of crystals and stay safe on their way. Enjoy your game and dont forget that time is limited.

Forest TempleForest Temple

You will meet dangerous places and unforgettable adventures in the Forest temple. Try day and night-levels and help heroes to jump over obstacles.

Twincat WarriorTwincat Warrior

Twincats get to the Forest Temple. They have to get all the crystals, avoid water and do many other things!

Twincat Warrior 2Twincat Warrior 2

In this game Twincats are in the Ice Temple. Help them to get all the coins and walk on slippery road!


Move on! Sonics are ready to run! Help heroes to go through all levels, get all the crystals and have a wonderful journey!

One playerOne player

This time you will go to the jungle by yourself, but without the girl-water.


Little Pokemons are in trouble help them to get out of the labyrinth, get bonuses and make a good score!

Firecat and WaterkittyFirecat and Waterkitty

A Cat and a Kitty got to magic islands in Japan. These places are full of danger and exciting adventures. Help them in this wonderful journey!

The KnightsThe Knights

Help brave knights to save a poor imprisoned princess!

Funny BunniesFunny Bunnies

Little bunnies are always hungry, but also they like wondering. Make a joyful trip in the land of vegetables together with two fluffy bunnies!

Fire and IceFire and Ice

Choose a hero Fire or Ice. Or maybe both? You can play this game alone or with a friend.


Fireboy and Watergirl are locked in a room full of dangerous monkeys! Help them to protect magic treasures and get rid of harmful creatures!


Take a friend and play this game together! Try to find the exit from the labyrinth first!

Treasure KeepersTreasure Keepers

Keep your treasures save and try to knock the evil creatures off!

China II PandaChina II Panda

Brave and funny Pandas have just 5 minutes to make their way to exit door. Help them not to be late!


Play the most popular and ORIGINAL version of Fireboy and Watergirl game! It's completely free!

Forest Temple 4Forest Temple 4

Fireboy and Watergirl are in the Forest Temple again! But this time no puddles, just interesting mind-teasers.

Angry Icegirl and FireboyAngry Icegirl and Fireboy

Icegirl and Fireboy are in the Temple of fear. Eliminate the ghosts and make a high score!
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